Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Maria Sharapova and nature's allotments in astrology

Tennis champ Maria Sharapova was caught using illegal medical substances. She took full responsibility but explained there was no evil intent. She had simply missed clicking a link to discover her medication, taken for ten years battling semblances of diabetes and for strengthening the heart, had very recently been banned.

Her birthtime is unknown, but a chart using the Moon to establish an ascending sign still reveals an interesting problem when inspecting the sun sign Aries (the archetypal Child who always wants to impress its parents and a typical sign of athletes). Behind this Arietic Sun we find the fighting Mars stuck in the mud in Earth sign Taurus. 

Mars is Fire of the dark variety: Hindu astrology relegates it to Tamas guna (the dark and ignorant material quality), so it doesn’t mind getting dirty in order to get the job done. Mars in Sattva guna (the light and conscious quality) would probably have chosen a profession where it could use its wits to solve problems instead, with the passionate and middling Rajas guna leaning now this way, and not that.

Using the assimilative Moon for an ascendant we see the dispositor of the heroic Sun inauspiciously fallen into the sixth house of bad health and bad luck.
In addition, the ”Satanic axle,” threatening its subjects with an exaggerated worldliness and fixation on substance intake, is localized along the sixth and twelfth house axis. Consisting of the two natural malefics Saturn and Mars, this must be the lowest and most disorienting version of Satan’s capacity to make us pick the wrong path in life. This woman has been tricked by the evil powers of this world into trying to fight her weak health while simultaneously attempting to “exalt” her own Sun and prove herself number one. (In which she succeeded, being at one time ranked number one in the world).

Saturn is strong in the twelfth house of exile and chronic illnesses, and Mars energetic output in the face of Saturn’s formal restrictions fits the scandal: chronically weak (inborn) health has attempted to prove its worth in the face of said weakness. Now, the Satanic axis is to this blogger usually lethargic and singularly uninspiring, so the answer to why Sharapova rose to the challenges must be sought in the Moon-mind’s reaction to the inauspicious Sun, due to its problematic Taurean basis.

This fiery Sagittarian mind suffers badly from “negative sensationalism” since it is not driven by Fire but its opposite Water, threatening to put out the living fire. The cold Water sign Pisces houses the dispositor of the Moon, which makes the latter try to distance itself from its basis (Jupiter) in Water, perceiving it as a threat against its own nature (which Water is). This “negative alarmism” thus makes waves publicly while in reality expressinh a flight syndrome; it achieves on the basis of a dysfunctional attitude. Its basis is Water - fear!

In fact, Fire trying to dissociate itself from the swallowing up of the death dealing Water element is reminiscent of the infamous crab fights seen whenever the Rajasic Water sign Cancer is in full force. Cancer, the principle of self preservation means the crabs will fight each other to the bitter end, each only slave to its own instinct and with no reason at all. Survival instinct and no brains at all.

In the case of Sharapova her Pisces is fighting against treacherous Nature and its tendency to dissolve every aggregate (cf. Buddha’s dispassionate remark on the finite biological copy of the real life, found only in Plato’s heaven). Jupiter in Pisces is, however, similar to the ancient Greeks’ Zeus Soterios, the god approached by sailing merchants wanting to safeguard their valuable cargo when at sea. Zeus (Jupiter) the Savior thus protects FROM the dissolving quality of Water and thus one might interpret the fiery Moon’s reaction to its dispositor in Water as an activation of Jupiter’s remedial effects! Sharapova took Guru’s prescribed medication.

I believe Sharapova speaks the truth about her inborn tendencies to diabetes and a weak heart (Sun with dispositor in the sixth of bad health), but like all people with no philosophical foundation to their lives, her mind reacts to the elemental difference signaled by the deep dispositor – Fire withdraws from its basis in life in order to act like a god (Fire was considered the most godlike element according to Roman philosopher Plotinus).

As her Sun too is on this fiery trip, and again with problems in the sub-lunar sphere (the negative elements Water and Earth belong to our perishable world; Fire and Air are supra-lunar and divine), we see typical signs of a fallen soul acting out and trying to prove itself unto the heavenly Father whom this type of soul has spurned to begin with. So in the final say, here innocence is really the same guilt as attaches to all the achievers which this world has far too many of.

Using Hindu aspects one notes that although the Winner, the Lion, is untenanted, it is under attack from both attacking Mars and strangling Saturn. 

Ray Tomlinson, the “father of e-mail,” died from suspected heart failure the other day. One may note how the two natural malefics form a mutual aspect in this natal chart too (inner planetary circle), though of the 90/270 degree variety! The same planets in transit (the outer circle) may be seen triggering that natal mutual conflict on his day of death!

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