Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie, Starman, and astrology on planetary exits

With the morning radio on, I caught a few lines from, as it turned out, David Bowie's final album. From one track on Blackstar I heard that he, like Elvis, now had left the building and was looking down on us from heaven. I then realized the title of his final album was a conscious allusion to Saturn as the black sun, a classic synonym to Saturn in his personification as the Reaper or Death.

Transiting Saturn aspecting transiting Jupiter
(the latter being Bowie's solar dispositor)
whilst a new moon occurs in Bowie's solar sign

The artist's day of demise shows how well this Starman's exiled soul made its exit in accordance with Earthman's reckoning of time. It's in full accordance with Bowie's birth chart where the sidereal zodiac places his persona in the rising sign Virgo. Indeed this was a meticulous and soft spoken gentleman, the best possible specimen of Virgo. (Virgo's ruler Mercury sits in Sagittarius and is greatly benefited from good natured Jupiter's stay in artistic Libra.)

That the black sun (Saturn) during his transit through death dealing Scorpio firmly controls Jupiter through the Hindu 270° aspect is fairly obvious. The afflicted Jupiter resides in the twelfth house of losses and chronic illnesses.

All of this of course makes very little sense unless one understands the roles played by Jupiter and Saturn in Bowies' birth horoscope. Jupiter, joying in Venusian Libra and in the second house of material resources, is the dispositor of the Sagittarian Sun, and the elemental combination of Fire based on Air well explains why there's such a light feeling to much of Bowie's music, his exquisite mastery of form or style, and, not the least, the sci-fiesque and even philosophical threads surfacing now and then throughout his artistry.

Moon (and the fourth house) signifies, among other things, the end of life, and for one born with the Moon-mind firmly controlled by Saturn, fashioner of forms but sunk in Water, one should naturally expect Saturn to shop up in the guise of Death when the time is due. That the sign Cancer produces cancer is, I believe, a well-known but rarely mentioned fact among astrologers who use the correct zodiac, the ancient sidereal one.

David Bowie exited this world after an 18 month long battle with cancer under a new moon in his own far reaching sign of exploration, Sagittarius, signifying the commencement of a new project in line with the lyrics I caught on the morning radio. Sagittarius points his bow and arrow to the skies and Bowie here took place as one of its immortal stars. It's incredible with what timing Bowie realized his final work and only days after the world-wide launch of Blackstar let go of this material illusion under the new moon.

In fact, westerners, still clinging to the tropical zodiac, are unable to apprehend the speech uttered night unto night that all the followers of the ancient heavenly zodiac from Babylonia and nursed and further developed in India, are able to hear. Westerner's would describe Bowie using the earthly ruler Capricorn totally missing the space theme so incredibly important to his accomplishments in music. Heck, he even managed to sneak himself into a movie called "The Man Who Fell To Earth"!

Just check his fleeting allusion in "The Man Who Sold The World" to the ancient idea - older then Heraclitus - of the "way up" and the "way down" - referring to the comings and goings of souls. What a great soul this man harbored!

Really, there is nothing in the tropical zodiac indicating the motif seen in Space Odyssey, Starman and Life on Mars - his early and career defining moments. Only Venus is in Sagittarius in this chart and even though ruler of the tropical Libra ascendant it is repressed by the conjunction with Ketu, the Dragon's tail, which appear to cause everything it affects to split off, like the beheaded demon in the Hindu myth. 

Again, reflecting on Bowie's passing, a writer in The Guardian had this to say: "Among the blizzard of tributes on Twitter, the writer Jon Savage called him a “major liberator”, which perfectly nailed the point." What an abyss there is between Bowie as the earthly ruler and controller Capricorn and a Sun in freedom oriented Sagittarius and where furthermore the Sun's dispositor Jupiter sits in Libra, the liberator! (Again, the tropical zodiac's Libra rising is not enough to explain the drift of Bowie's artistry, especially his willingness to venture into new directions.)

Seasoned astrologers in the western tradition should take the opportunity Bowie here affords them to discover God's true heavenly writing. In amazement this blogger has learned so much in a mere eight years that he never grasped during 25 years with the western zodiac.


July 2014: Bowie diagnosed with cancer

Going back 18 months to the discovery of his Cancer, shows just what I just said: Saturn aspected the sign hosting Jupiter then too, and just look at what the signs involved were: all Bowie's own major signs if viewing (as Hindu astrologers often do) the dispositor of the Sun as in some ways even more important than the pretty simplistic and obvious manifestations of the Sun itself. 

The Hindu interpreter is more interested in the reasons behind Bowie's preoccupation with starmen (soul beings) and his musically extremely adventurous and explorative journey (at times leaving even loyal fans behind him). It's it God's own planet Jupiter (Guru in Sanskrit) that holds the key to journeyers of this kind.


  1. No big surprise that Bowie's sun sign is Sagittarius using the Sidereal astrogical chart: it's David Bowie / David Bowman / David the "Bow man" after all, jump starting his career in July 1969 (another 69) with "Space Oditty" (a clear reference to "2001", Major Tom being David Bowman). The official story is that he changed his name in 1965 as a reference to the "Bowie knife" but the coincidences are too big. Dying at "69" from Cancer also....

    1. Thank you for fleshing out the story! The Bowman connection never occurred to me, although I saw 2001 at a theater (several years after its release) and then read the paperback novel (again some years later).

      There has been some mentions in articles about Bowie "borrowing" a lot from his contemporary culture (but thoroughly remoulding it). This ties in with the Cancerian Moon as a reflector and assimilator. With Saturn possibly causing constipation or slow digestion, there's always the danger of outright plagiarism, but Bowie's firey Sun based on an intellectuall Air-Jupiter, would seem to prohibit such crude repetition. He was, however, an obsessed collector of his own memorabilia ant that fact perfectly fits Moon and Saturn, the Hoarder (or maybe Saturn as the Historian).

      Spiritual as Sun in Sagittarius may be considered (but do note the dispositor in the materialistic second house), Moon + Saturn in Water do tend to a diffident personality streak, an introvert, and a bit of that self-serving materialism western society is laboring under at the moment.