Sunday, November 15, 2015

Why western individualism may be a breach of divine moral law

As a starting point for this quick glance on the horoscope for the First Republic of France, supposedly also the moment of birth for the modern secular individualism, I’ll quote a typical Swedish media response on the recent terror attacks in Paris. In Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper a culture columnist asserts his (and presumedly our) view that: “In Paris was created all that the fanatics hate.  An attack on Paris is an attack on all that is beautiful and fun in life.”

If this sounds crudely propagandistic and juvenilely shallow, that’s just the typical tone and reach of thought in the media of a secular and extremely materialistic nation. Swedes are not thinkers, they are esthetes and slave throughout the week for the fleeting joys of the weekend, much like the columnist.

Even a nominally leftist political editor voices the same sentiment, contrasting the hate of religious extremism to the self-serving hedonism of modern France the previous blog post noted in the chart for the Fifth Republic. At least this journalist has some of the conscious edge sorely lacking in the first guy, a secular liberal of some sort.

It is hardly surprising to find the liberal’s birth horoscope closely mimicking the horoscope for the French Fifth Republic. Both have a wasted planet of philosophy, Jupiter, which is said to be merely “enjoying itself” in the pleasant sign of Libra (ruled by Venus, sign of arts and pleasure).  The liberal's Jupiter is in fact in Virgo but combined with Venus, and he has Sun in Libra based on this. When interpreting a chart one must crush the statue of the Buddha if seeing one. Point for point literlism and cook book interpretation will never allow the inner genius to speak its understanding. With astrology we are dealing with Platonic forms partaking in each other and we must learn to read between the literal lines...

As said, both charts have a strong emphasis on the, possibly, most self-serving sign of the zodiac: Virgo. Since Virgo is such a nice person in western astrology (and most born under the sign are decent enough) it may surprise some to hear this description. But do contrast Virgo with the opposite sign of self-sacrifice, Pisces, wherein the planet of social harmony, Venus, is exalted and the original meaning of Virgo, sign of accidents (Hades rape of agrarian Persephone), of drudgery and toil with only an eye to the harvest, will begin to surface. Western astrology is today all but lost in ego boosting lies and given that the tropical zodiac is 24 degrees off it simply has lost its relevancy for anyone really wishing to study Platonic world of forms, those divine ideas we must take as axioms since they refuse further division and, according to this writer's research, even do appear to have empirical validity.

What’s more interesting is how the First Republic of France with its motto, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” has a corresponding horoscope which is anything but straightforward. Superficially, the just mentioned Jupiter joying in Libra would seem to say it all. Its position exactly rising is but another wonderful vindication of the ancient, eastern astrology. Western astrology instead has Scorpio rising with utterly fails to convey exactly the hedonistic sin of France lauded by both the Swedish journalists.

Yes, the Hindu system of interpretation is so stringent and logical that Jupiter, planet of growth and diffusion, ease and luxurious circumstances, turns into an efficient evildoer when Libra, sign of harmonious equilibrium owns the first house. The sign’s balance is upset by Jupiter’s very nature or essential character! As I said: Jupiter’s highest manifestation, that of philosophy and religion (wrestling the life’s big questions and not merely succumbing to sensual or intellectual pleasures), is rather beyond the pale when it comes to Libra. It’s hardly surprising that the liberal columnist comes off like a child, not really having thought anything out to its full extent. Astrology’s set of rules are complex, however, and Jupiter in Libra makes for the perfect hedonist, since on a deeper level it finds synergy with its host, Libra’s ruler Venus. It is only the fact that it rises (plays first fiddle) that makes it an evil influence on this sign. Libra is prone to overeating, for instance.

But the First Republic has a highly problematic mutual reception with the self-regarding Virgo which drags it into the picture although and makes France a disturbedly self-conscious and picky country already at the beginning of its modern history. To find Virgo occupying such a prominent position in the chart for the Fifth Republic (see previous post) truly shows the failure of this nation to truly manifest all three and typically Libran qualities heard in the motto quoted above. Again, this shows how spookily exact the original zodiac is in joining the celestial language with the earthly shadow world. Libra is Air which represents freedom, its symbol the Balance is equality and fraternity denotes Venus, the planet of cooperation. Jupiter would seem promise success in all these directions when rising, but for its bad after effects, its lack of true depth and substance.

Matters are aggravated even more since Virgo in the 12th house of sacrifices, shows what must go I brotherhood is to be achieved: self-serving and hunger for profit in the materialistic Earth sign is no friend of Libra. Yet both signs exchange their rulers, which is in this case anything but a good sign. Indeed, confidence tricksters and other fraudulent characters regularly show this first/twelfth house combination. They present one thing but have a hidden agenda.

As was seen in the chart for the Fifth Republic this weak feature did mature over two centuries and is now the full-blown sin of France: Jupiter still in Libra but in the eighth house of amassed sins and the Virgo characteristics that were supposed to have been weeded out instead the very qualities modern France is wedded to (7th)!

It is understandably not one single thinker in the West can rise above the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde double sidedness seen in this chart for “secular equality” only days after the brutal and callous attacks in Paris. But if the whole truth shall be told, just check France’s aggression, it’s willingness to wage war upon all and sundry who in the least opposes its own degraded nature. Westerners have not only lost touch with reality – as evidenced by the tropical zodiac and the corruption of astrology to become a tool for ego boosting – they pretend their portal figure Plato is no longer a relevant figure (although his Academy gave us modern logic).

The western democracies – all harping on the old French motto – have accordingly more or less turned into Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde states, dubiously misrepresenting the full picture to their citizens. That’s why my immediate gut reaction on Sunday morning, waking up to the news of the Paris terror, was to revisit the evilously placed Jupiter – ascendant ruler in the current national horoscope for France. And now, going back to the western motto – lifted out of the enormously savage and bloody French Revolution, it would appear it’s just a myth hiding certain insidious and profit-seeking war mongers. It is impossible for any thinking person to subscribe to the superficial chatter heard in the Swedish media right now. Reading the British press immediately sounds another note. Following upon the Paris terror British newspaper The Guardian immediately featured an article reminding its readers about the French war frenzy for the last couple of years. Now that is information helpful to understanding why ISIS/ISIL retaliates as it does. (See e.g. this opinion piece in aljazeera.)

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