Sunday, November 15, 2015

Western loss of insight into Plato's ideas exposes it to terrorism from within

Had not western civilization turned so blatatly secular and profit driven, the world might have been on the right path by now. But one discerns signs of divine wisdom trying to restore mankind when juxtaposing the western world leaders, the failed economic union (a.k.a. the impenetrable and self-seeking "Fortress Europe"), and the ancient zodiac and with horror realizes that the least common denominator at the present is Cancer, sign of the dreaded disease which makes dysfunctional cells that start copying and spreading throughout the body. Cancer has its use the cell is the prototypic enclosure protecting the soft and vulnerable inner side of life - we call it Nature. 

This protectionism is, however, devoid of intelligence, it reacts on gut feeling and the colloquialism "crab fight" directly shows the ancient symbolism of Cancer or the Crab. It instinctively fights to its death trying to preserve its species or way of life. This is the least suitable sign for international politics and yet we presently find ALL the main players in western politics, Obama, Merkel, Hollande and Cameron born under the sidereal sign Cancer. Even tiny Sweden, of late an increasingly enamored NATO hugger, is falteringly steered by a Prime Minister born under this sign. He was preceded by another Cancerian and good friend to UK's Cameron, and this indicates the disastrous turn to the right that country underwent. 

Sweden's reputation of being an egalitarian society is no more; not even social democrats dare question the right's intense desire to monetize the sick and elderly, small school children and war refugees. There is nothing sacred here, nothing that cannot be turned into a product. Sweden is rapidly turning into hell on earth where you have to be a commercially viable unit or production or go and die off. And all because of the rights' hatred toward state, taxes and the very idea of a humanistic society!

What does this all mean? As Cancer astrologically represents a harem, the restricted and secure inner zone, a place of recuperation and replenishment, it is no wonder that Europe's city walls have risen high of late, with border patrols trying to force economic refugees from Africa at bay. As the element Water represents the Vegetative Soul, its primary sign Cancer also comes to signify the insubstantial market or the fallen soul's continuous thirst and hunger. 

Europe today fears for its safety and its future as new and stronger actors on the international stage threatens the old colonial hegemony. This shrinking and turning in on its self (with nasty trade agreements between the old and the new world) shows precisely the lack of ideational vitality that makes Cancer the sign of the secure and comfortable home but not a world politician, not a creator of the future. Like water it mirrors a spectacularly narrow segment of reality. The people you see on the picture has formed a sectarian club for the protection of their own interests (successful export) and cannot, as a consequence, muster the visionary force to help mankind reach a new and higher level of integration. West is smitten with the deadly disease Cancer and therefore destined to fall behind.

And as Cancer represents the faceless collective man, it is of course hugely nationalistic, clan oriented or whatever political system a population finds itself inside of. Since EU is a negative and self-seeking project (of interest only to Big Finance) this sets in motion a chain-reaction where we find one membership country after the other turning in on itself and its faceless population instinctively turning nationalistic and xenophobic. When nations thus becomes so diseased it is no wonder a player like ISIS appears on the historical stage ready to blow up western civilization from the inside of its many diseased cells - all out of touch with the larger divine plan for mankind's moral and spiritual development. 

As the top image hints, West is inside this Cancerian tumor so there is very little hope it will realize the true dimensions the world drama. Like the crabs these nations will "fight terrorism" until their bitter end. The element Water after all depicts only the unreal lesser images of the true life our spiritual forefather Plato tried to point out. While profit driven market capitalism - the monstrous many-headed Hydra of ancient mythology - holds its sway over the world's populations there can be no thought of building a better tomorrow. 

May 2015: the realization of danger from
within the diseased, cut off city/cell

Possibly the west must be crushed like various mythic heroes have trampled down various demons and snakes. I don't know. This is up to our leaders. Will they rise above the economists' outmoded worldview and start investing in mankind's future like China appears to genuinely want to help Africa out of its squalor?

From a blog post in Swedish concerning itself with a quote from Plato's Politicus, I like to repeat the below two pictures. They clearly indicate the superlunary world of origination and the sublunary world of "hangers-on." Politicians should be recruited from the god-like visionaries, not from the faceless masses. For those with eyes to see, the zodiac also contains a primer in the art of politics. 

Needless to say, these symbols should not be taken at face value but be contemplated in search of their inner meaning. Still, it's eerie how the western world is for the moment led by politicians who correspond to the principle of primitive clan mentality and the final dissolution: with the movement from Cancer to Leo the zodiac enters upon its second act, wherein the deep soul self is discovered. About these things today's preeminent western leaders appear - taken collectively - to know nothing.

The perfect state with a directing ruler
as a servant of the noetic world of ideas
and consequently the servant of the people too

The world fashioner in Plato's myth but in
the Gnostic tradition an arrogant
lower principle in denial of the
higher world of forms, bragging and flaunting
its power over the sublunary shadow world

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