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Welcome to this blog!

Welcome to this blog. I’ll attempt to raise the bar somewhat for the average astrological discourse on the Internet and this without disappearing into a fog of obscurantist or hopelessly esoteric thinking. I am not talking about bettering the many and specialized forums out there, but about the general impression one gets when googling various subjects and finding a world full of people just copying and pasting with no inclination to do some novel thinking themselves.

The blog is based upon the simple premise that astrology is classic Hindu and Greek philosophy dressed up in a mythological garb. Still, this is meant to be an accessible blog staying within the conceptual reach of all who has spent some time with astrology and is familiar with its basic symbolism. The zodiac used is the sidereal one and the ayanamsha used to fixate its starting point is the common Lahiri one. Without further ado, let’s throw ourselves into an interesting case involving a celebrity Doppelganger.

 By way of a Swedish rewrite article in Aftonbladet (the largest Swedish tabloid) I got wind of the original piece, an arresting case of the Doppelganger phenomena. All who are into astrology of course know, or should know, that our solar system envisaged as a divine set of Ideas rendered accessible in our phenomenal world IS the ultimate cause of our individual DNA signatures; that ancient astrology IS the preeminent discourse on epigenetic factors! (I don’t foresee biologists or science at large reaching this conclusion any time soon.)

Their pictures of a young Leonardo DiCaprio and the unknown 21 year old Swede convinced this writer that the look-alike case was worth investigating using the psychologically and existentially more correct sidereal zodiac. Indeed, already seeing the Swede’s birthday, October 2, proved the investigation was proceeding as expected. The date corresponds to the sidereal sign Virgo during our time in history, and I already knew that Leonardo DiCaprio’s full horoscope (including time of birth) contained Virgo rising with Moon, symbol of the psyche.

After drawing up a synastry chart with DiCaprio in the inner portion and using his ascendant sign as the eastern reference point, it takes a really dull person not to come to think of the ancient adage, “So above, so below.” The ancient philosophers were absolutely right, the gods above continuously script the life of the mortals below, even to the extent of designing their outer appearances.

Astrologically, ”marital attraction” is said never to be so strong as when the Sun, Moon or even Venus of the one passes the ascendant of the other, and perhaps this is true regarding the Doppelganger phenomenon too… Here we find the Swede’s Sun in Virgo having passed DiCaprio's ascending degree by about six degrees, but still forming a conjunction. Add to that the actor’s Moon (Psyche) reflecting the projection of life in the world – the Sun – belonging to the Swede. (DiCaprio’s combination of ascending sign and Moon of course also indicates that the masses (Moon) adhere closely to this person (-ality). In Hindu astrology Moon is a friend to every planet since in fact the sublunar mind of Terra harbors them all when the soul’s fall leads it to incarnate on Earth.)

I’d say the high look-alike factor largely stems from their both partaking of the “Platonic form” Virgo! That both men also has an “elevated” version of their rising sign and Sun sign respectively – Virgo’s ruler Mercury has proceeded to the next sign and is here disposed of by the excellently positioned planet of beauty and the higher arts – Venus at home in her own positively polarized sign – may or may not be an additional factors. Cases like these do not come around every day, and this writer has seen a couple of other Sun-in-Virgo with Mercury in Libra nowhere even closely reminiscent of this couple. On the other hand he recalls that Venus was not fortified by being in its own sign in any of those charts…

There is yet another astrological feature which may be helpful in explaining the extensive facial similarity between the two men, and that is to begin with the Swede’s Moon position in Leo. A birth late in the day would move the Moon forward to a distinct opposition to his Saturn in Aquarius, and from every honorable person’s philosophy of choice, Neo-Platonism, this writer has picked indications that the ancients’ saw the “form of the Soul” in the seventh heaven, Saturn.

Since we all, as long as we hunger for this world, are constituted as parts of World Soul, it is very possibly that the Swede’s “mirroring” of his own inherence in the form of the World Soul further emphasizes the look-alike factor by Saturn coinciding – almost to one degree – with DiCaprio’s planet of fame and fortune, Jupiter. This would mean both men mutually mirrors an important aspect of the other: DiCaprio’s psychic Moon reflects the solar essence of the Swede while the latter’s Moon in Leo picks up (by opposition) and emphasizes not only his own distinct soul form but also, accidentally, the success of a certain celebrity (Jupiter = notables, celebrities)!  

This writer has contemplated DiCaprio’s chart in the past and given Virgo as the profit seeker of the zodiac (this agrarian Earth sign tills the soil with an eye to the harvest!) harbored certain doubts regarding a possibly greedy and selfish trait. But one cannot doubt his genuine commitment to environmental matters, and this too corresponds to Virgo as the sign of that unfortunate pollution striking Persephone when raped and abducted by Hades. From this eternal or archetypal axiom stems Virgo’s perennial obsession with its own bodily fitness, to the extent that the social instinct – Venus – is said to suffer its “fall” in this sign. (This is of course also the sign of the fallen woman, the Whore, who lusts after money more than settling in a marital situation.)

Hindu astrology, comprising the use of the proper sidereal zodiac, brought an immense number of deep and clearly at bottom philosophical thoughts to this writer’s attention some eight years ago. He immediately gave up the tropical zodiac as the deeply flawed Greek misunderstanding of Eastern thought it was. The Hindu version of astrology only allows Jupiter (Zeus/Guru) to form the Grand Trine and DiCaprio’s chart thus inheres in this divine sign of blessing! Add to that it forms in the element of the spirit world: Air.

But DiCaprio is not in this world to perform any intellectual feats; the Earth ascendant means both the good houses of individual and universal dharma – the fifth and the ninth – shoulders the “dharmic responsibility” of addressing strictly earthy matters. (Dharma = what the soul must strive to do in order to remain true to its essence as pertaining to this life mission. Some people are born with an evil dharma because the cosmos needs triggers for Good. This does not excuse the criminal but we are now speaking of ontology – how things are constituted – and not personal morality.)

His commitment to environmental matters is the best thing about this actor’s horoscope, and his Saturn (the seventh heaven is essentially Air and here Saturn is in an Air sign) in the preeminently authoritative tenth house makes him a phenomenal authority person or setter of an agenda, not the least for second house matters: Terra as it naturally is; our contact with and dependence on unsullied nutrition from the earth mother. That this selfsame Mother Earth claims ownership of all her children is another and less appealing side to life on this planet. It is this aspect, the deluded fancy of to own anything at all that explains the rise of capitalism and all other evils that has befallen mankind. It was a sign of keen insight in the nature of things when the ancient Jewish astrologers picked a star in the constellation of Taurus (the Ox) as an emblem or image of Satan or the Devil. (See chapter 4 in my book The Zodiac Rules for my tentative historical reconstruction of this belief.)

Taurus is the sign wherein the soul might be tempted to choose a hedonistic life with sense gratification as the only “life mission.” The soul growth stalling in Taurus (whose ruling planet Venus even turns to an evil-doer for the person born with the Ox rising according to Hindu astrology), these sidetracked entities my face a reincarnation with intestinal problems, like the irritable bowel syndrome. Karma must show itself somatically where the soul has turned a deaf ear on the higher planes (the level of the Rational Soul). Given Hellenistic astrology’s insightful coupling of Taurus’ natural second house with the signification “Hades portal” we can readily sense a take on Plato’s similitude of the chained prisoners in the cave. The Underworld is none other than the only type of existence available to the hardened materialist and it is in this realm of the spiritually dead DiCaprio has his dharma to realize.

Fortunately Taurus tendency can be brought to full awareness and this happens in the next Earth sign, Virgo, where we find the picky and particular personality trait. This goes hand in glove with Virgo’s corresponding sixth house, anciently dubbed the place of Misfortune. Virgo thus saves Taurus from its thoughtless hedonism only to fall into a still deeper sin: that of concupiscence, or love only for one self; thus the bodily and monetary selfishness regularly seen in primitive samples of the Virgo archetype.

The social darling Venus “falls” in Virgo. This is seen in lower Virgo types as a distressing selfishness - they value their own comfort and money higher than even social relations. Some resist decently integrating with the rest of taxpaying society. The sign ruler Mercury may be closer to the thief-like nature of the mythological Mercury. Some tradesmen are simply dishonest cheats. (Remember a spookily convincing DiCaprio in the movie "Catch Me If You Can"?) Since the human soul is a social Air being (check the triad Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) we can surmise that this anti-social lifestyle probably occupies the thoughts of DiCaprio as well as his Doppelganger, or at least DiCaprio whose Sun has progressed from the self-centered Virgo to the social sign Libra.

Among people born under the sun sign Virgo but its ruler progressed into Libra I have met some peculiar types. Among my cases there's that of the retailer who literally hated the customer who entered his store and consumed his "important time" with only buying trifles. His very behavior changed to curt replies and a generally “dead” look. His aim was to reorient his business to wealthier customers interested in his premium segment of consumer goods. With the well-to-do this man with Moon in monetary Taurus was immensely social (Libra) and went out of his way to please them. A born sycophant, it you ask me. The problem was that he alienated so many of his “small” customers that I cannot think they’d ever returned to him at a later date, with wallets grown fatter…

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