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Planetary aspects: The need for multiple attestation (Part II)

In 2011 Damien Peach photographed Jupiter - the "carrier wave"
in this study - and won a contest in National Geographic

In the first part of this study, the exceedingly weak effect of the astrological planetary aspects were revealed. They appeared more approachable using the ancient saying, “three’s the charm,” for, only by studying all three natural malefics (Saturn, Mars and the north moon node) in aspect with the Moon (mind) in the charts of criminals, did a statistically significant overrepresentation appear.

The obvious sequel to that test is to investigate the three natural benefics aspecting the Moon in the same set of horoscopes. The greater and lesser malefic, Jupiter and Venus, are unproblematic. But discovering Hindu astrology to generally view Mercury as a do-gooder initially struck me as strange, especially as that tradition views Mercury’s natural houses as bad or evil.

The third house (naturally corresponding to Gemini) is classified as an upachaya house, initially inclining to evil but “improvable.” This brings to mind the inherently amoral character of thought and communication. The criminal mind uses logic for bad, the good communicator or messenger (“angel”) does not distort the message in any way and thus is a good channel (whether bringing good or bad news).

The sixth house, corresponding to Virgo, is expressly bad, signifying bad luck, ill health and thralldom, such as the Maiden or Virgo working the fields and not even “owning” her own land (sharecropping).  I put parentheses around “own” to mark my own position in anything dealing with crude materialistic sensibilities. But then, again, this blogger has no planets in any of the Earth signs. He can imagine, though, how vividly and real a materialist must find the sense impressions when holding on to something physical. The materialist literally short-circuits when reaching out into the darkness of Pure Matter!

Additionally, both the Mercurial houses have the natural evildoer Mars as house significator (bhava karaka) as if to further emphasize the questionable experiences or tendencies of these two sectors. But then again, Mercury is named Buddhi in Sanskrit, meaning intellect or even intelligence (as in high intelligence), and I therefore accept the tradition holding this to be a benefactor. While Virgo may be considered as the very sign where the soul suffers its fall, Venus being in its fall here, this is also the sign in which the messenger Mercury both rules (in the negative polarity, the path leading down and away from the soul’s true estate) and is also held to be “exalted.”

I take this as a hint that Virgo both represents the fallen soul (the loss of its dual wings although place in a grand square the three other obviously dual signs) but also the best place for the angelic messengers (Mercury) to stir the throngs of slaves in this world to heed the truths about the fallen human condition. Virgo may wake up from its self-serving serfdom and start on the upward path, perhaps seen in Venus exaltation in the opposite sign of Pisces, whose developed member gladly sacrifices the world or the dirt that lower types of Virgo tries to hold on to. (Working the field is a clear reminder of instrumentalizing the material world with the intention to profit from one’s labors; Virgo au naturelle may be the least idealistic and most pragmatic of all the zodiacal types and therefore inherently evil. Venus fall in this sign indeed would seem to make her the prostitute. (I devote a segment of my book to this question.)

This test is of course a simplification of astrological tenets, neglecting other facts in any one chart that may cancel out the tendencies seen in one place.

In regard to any given Moon placement both Mercury and Venus may in any sign of the zodiac. But only in the same or opposite sign will these two thro an aspect according to Hindu astrology (planet aspects the entire sign in this tradition). That means two positions in 12 signs or one in six. As for Jupiter with its two special aspects 120 and 240 degrees, it will aspect the Moon from a third of the signs.

However, Mercury and Venus cannot both occupy any sign in the zodiac (as opposed to the greater and lesser malefic both orbiting outside earth). The position of the one limits the possible number of placements of the other. Their probability values therefore differ. In respect to the sun Mercury may stray at most 28° from the conjunction, while Venus never lags behind or precedes the sun by more than 48°. We’ll therefore add these two zodiacal distances for a 76° which equals 2.53 signs.

The thought goes like this: if we keep as a constant the odds 6:1 for an aspect from Mercury to the Moon this means an uncertainty of 2.53 signs regarding Venus position. Roughly speaking, Venus may thus sit in any one of three signs for an aspect to the Moon. While certainly crude, this formula out of the head of a math inhibited blogger would just about give us the correct results:

Mercury 1/6 (0.16666) x
Venus 1/3 (0.33333) x
Jupiter 1/3 (0.33333) = 0.01852
Average: 0.01852 x 665 = 12.31
Significance rel. avg. at or outside: ±40%: 7 - 17

13 charts among 665 randomly generated
15 charts among 665 for criminals

As seen, the 15 hits fall within the randomness range which if anything shows that a massive support the good guys in astrology in no way predominates in the charts known to belong to convicted criminals. If a “believer” in astrology, one might have guessed that much! It is important to realize that the lack of a positive outcome does not invalidate the findings regarding the natural evildoers since we are dealing with horoscopes of criminals. Rather, the selected type of chart is irrelevant to the nature of the good planets. Our experiment was badly considered!

Then where to look? The Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, Mathematics and Medicine must surely count as the “good guys” in society? I gathered the dates of the prize takers in the “hard” science a few years ago (no winner after 2012 in this group), but a total of 546 is more than needed for a robust data set. I created a new control group consisting of the same number of randomly generated birth dates.

Here’s the new formula:

Mercury 1/6 (0.16666) x
Venus 1/3 (0.33333) x
Jupiter 1/3 (0.33333) = 0.01852
Average: 0.01852 x 546 = 10.1
Sign. rel. avg. at or outside ±40%: 6 - 14

9 charts among 546 random dates
3 charts among 546 Nobel laureates

The result is baffling. While the random chart (predictably) stay within the span allotted to random variation, significance among the prize winners appears but it’s the opposite one of what I would have expected. The great helpers in the sky are significantly absent when it comes to studying the material world and its working! Shouldn’t the simultaneous aspects of all three benefics result in a Moon-mind magnificently enlarged, making for quick understanding and, simply put, people who have it easy in life. Add to that that Jupiter signifies celebrity and awards (the Nobel Prize laurel).

The thought then dawns on me, that people with a highly refined mind, a keen intellect and a heavy input from the two planets bringing comfortable and easy circumstances lack the incentive for hard labor! Having both Jupiter and Venus siding the symbol of the native’s family and home (Moon) would appear to be a clear indication of the leisurely pace with which this well-groomed type of human being conducts his life. Given an exact birth time (here missing for most of the prize takers) a lucky house placement for Jupiter or Venus might well indicate a birth to a well-to-do family, one no longer needing hard work to get along. The family fortune (Jupiter) is there and the will to hard labor (Saturn) has been lost.

The eminent British astrologer Charles Carter (1887-1968) studied the Ptolemaic (not the Hindu) planetary aspects by gathering a couple of dozen charts of each type. He came to just this conclusion, Jupiter with Moon seemed to reduce personal ambition and that the combination often would be seen in the charts of those preferring a low-profile life, enjoying intellectual pleasures like reading a good book in the comfort of their homes. Have we inadvertently happened to replicate Carter’s observation here? After all, the hard sciences are clearly connected with Saturn, in its low manifestation the principle of brute matter and Necessity (Anank√©). Saturn also presides over organization generally, while Jupiter in low types only represents a mindless urge to travel; love of adventure and of visiting new places. Stripped of its higher connotation of lofty places like Philosophy and Religion, all that’s remains of Jupiter’s expansive drive is betting, the stock market and other degraded expressions of its tendency to look for or bring “great ease” (or easy money). Too much of both benefactors may spoil a child rotten!

For Jupiter to represent an open-minded attitude (needed in e.g. basic research) there’s need also for a well-behaved Saturn, so obviously the Nobel Prize winners, too, was a poorly chosen group when only looking for signs of life from the three benefics blessing the human Moon-mind!

Let’s see if the situation changes if using a tag affixed to many horoscopes decades before I became interested in grouping charts in order to study them systematically. I tagged a great many horoscopes “artiste,” not least my all the pseudo-celebrities abounding in my native Sweden; people who get by and earn their daily bread by hogging up time and space in the television channels while not really being proficient in anything. They may be small-time singers or actors needing extra sources of income and thus appearing in any cheap televised entertainment. I am here thinking of Jupiter as “big” or “easy” money as well as on Venus as the basic significator of money – Venus corresponds to Taurus and/or the second house of the first house person’s material substrate and the resources needed to keep it alive. (For some reason I gave authors, writers of scripts and books, their own tag when devising this simple classification decades ago, as well as artists only specialized in music, instrumental and/or vocal.)

Spontaneously, the Moon-mind might be enriched by Venus/Jupiter (and Mercury) in the sense that they do have a penchant for the arts and at the same time disagreeing with dirty or hard Saturnian or Mars type labor.  But let’s check! 245 horoscopes tagged “artiste” (multi-vocational)  do not quite meet out wish for a robust data set (300 or more), but we can arbitrarily enlarge the chance window to ±60% to eliminate false significance.

Mercury 1/6 (0.16666) x
Venus 1/3 (0.33333) x
Jupiter 1/3 (0.33333) = 0.01852
Average: 0.01852 x 245 = 4.54
Sign. rel. avg. at or outside ±60%: 2 - 7

2 charts among 245 random dates
3 charts among 245 "artiste" charts

Nope. Neither are the multi-vocational artistes a group benefitted by the benefics. Instead we see that even allowing for a wider chance variation, the low score 2 in the control group is at the chosen point for significant underrepresentation. This test is inherently flawed.

To make a long story a bit shorter, I then tested a considerably larger group of dedicated musicians but found no significance there either to support the notion that musicians would be especially blessed. This is perhaps not surprising as the group contains every sort of musician/composer; from sublimely talented people like Bach or Mozart to famous but low-minded hip-hoppers or heavy drinking rock stars. Again the preparations proved inadequate.

It seems much harder than with the evildoers to discover where good ones makes their beneficent influence felt! I honestly thought “the good life” in a material sense would suffice.  In this test, Moon as the canvas and Jupiter as the carrier weave with Venus and Mercury providing detail would appear to make a case for Plato's The Good in a purely worldly sense. But once again the thought occurs that the well-to-do possibly lack the incentive to prove themselves in any line of work whatsoever. Remember Jupiter in his Greek version. What did Zeus do than amuse himself and copulating with more goddesses than any other god? (The astrological Jupiter is similarly the principle of “variations upon a theme” and bifurcation upon bifurcation.)

Perhaps Jupiter only belongs in the inaccessible (to humans) divine world represented by the element Fire (pure cognition)? In this lofty abode VISION as such CREATES (and thus is totally disengaged from labor or a profession of any kind). Of course, Jupiter ruling Pisces exhibits an altogether different side of this archetype, and one might even suspect Zeus’ incessant affairs with women to belong to the watery type of Jupiter. This seminal planet is after all said to be exalted in Cancer, the sign of motherhood.

What we should have been looking at from the first thus is a group of people dealing only with goodness! Still, this long detour has served some purpose when finally realizing that SPIRITUALITY as the orientation or personal quality best suited when investigating the benefics.

Mercury, in its highest manifestation is a divine messenger, Jupiter/Zeus need no further explanation, and Venus is an interesting alternative symbol for the soul in the writings of the Roman philosopher Plotinus. (For his interest in astrology, see the arcane Astronoesis, by the late philosopher Anthony Damiani. Be warned, however, it is not an easy read since already the worldview of Neo-Platonism – the ancient worldview – is highly complex. I studiously read a few introductions on Neo-Platonism, not least R.T. Willis’ masterly and highly condensed “Neoplatonism “ – long out of print – and still had read slowly in order to grasp Damiani’s inventive way of illustrating the philosophy by means of astrological symbolism.)

Luckily I did tag some horoscopes “spiritual” early on, and a search for these yielded 187 charts out of close to 9.000. This is not even two thirds of what would count as a robust set. Not being a mathematician I am not certain even a very large ±70% window for random variations will conclusively eliminate false significance, but let’s see what shows up…

It should be noted that the group “spiritual” covers several types, both traditional church people (various types, from the parish priest to the Pope), gurus, psychics and clairvoyants.  I did manually delete a few extremist, e.g. a couple of religious sect leaders responsible for collective suicides and one case where the individual caused a child to die from starvation due to religious motives. One must distinguish between true spirituality and a diseased mind. I know the entire set includes more persons spiritually inclined but I applied this tag only to professionals. As an aside, the set includes the unusual case of a Nobel Prize, a Biologist, who subscribes to the idea of reincarnation. The fact of reincarnation is also why I decided to allow homosexual priests to remain in this category since this mild psychic disorder appears to be a carryover from the previous personality and should not disqualify an individual from belonging to the spiritual type.

Mercury 1/6 (0.16666) x
Venus 1/3 (0.33333) x
Jupiter 1/3 (0.33333) = 0.01852
Average: 0.01852 x 187 = 3.46
Sign. rel. avg. at or outside ±70%: 1 - 6

2 charts among 187 random dates
10 charts among 187 of the spiritual type

Finally a positive and significant overrepresentation! This blogger now feels a bit stupid having taken so long to understand that the "main carrier wave" Jupiter not primarily belongs to crooks or bohemian artists (or even capitalists and CEOs) but to those harking to Jupiter in its highest manifestation as God Himself (in one manner or another). As noted, this sub-set is small and not very stable but the way the number of spiritual persons with all the good planets at work in their minds markedly exceeds the window set for normal randomness, surely counts for something.

Finally we have found the natural counterpoint to the criminals and their three evil planets affecting their psychic awareness. The opposite of the broken or failed human being is the spiritual or religious human being. But we already knew that, in spite of the secular Satanists recent attempt to prove that religion makes people more hateful and intolerant.  I am referring to a bunch of neuroscientists of various nationalities, specializing in subjects as “disturbed empathy” or “lying behavior in children and adults” bandied together for a study revealing the bad effects of religion.  One could see this type of test from afar, after years of studies all showing that Religion correlates with socially well-adjusted and harmoniously satisfied types of persons.

I read about the study in the The Guardian and they linked to a typically dull and exceedingly technical report in the PDF format. It is symptomatic that The Guardian offers space for a homosexual leader of a British secular organization. He’s beyond himself with joy after the apparent result that religion is not at all a requirement for morals. One may, however, suspect that the mild psychic disorder homosexuality in conjunction with an avowed secular mentality indicates a person susceptible to much graver psychological disorders. Indeed, this man’s stare borders upon that familiar from insane fanatics!

Against that robust study (according from the scientists) thus the small pilot study reaffirming that GOODNESS is to be associated with religion and spirituality. But note that we have only seen a preliminary verification of the tenet about the highest manifestation of the benefics. A replication with more data would really be interesting. If giving the same result we could say that “multiple attestation” of goodness really is the heirloom of the religious person. At least until we find another group exhibiting positive significance too.

In the chart for an individual (practical astrology), spirituality may be indicated in quite other and sometimes unexpected ways. This blogger has the Great Malefic (Saturn) as accidental owner of the ninth house for higher awareness, conscientiousness, religion and related matters. This is quite counterintuitive until one realizes the spiritual domain naturally his its structure and organization too. And this side of the unseen is what appeals to me, born with the analytic Gemini rising.

Soon after finishing this study I realize numerous famous names are missing due to being tagged “philosophy” (of an idealistic bent).  This group consisted of approx. 200 charts and after weeding out close to 200 atheists, positivists and what not, a meager set of 60 idealist philosopher remained. These did not contribute much as can be seen from the below 247 charts:

Mercury 1/6 (0.16666) x
Venus 1/3 (0.33333) x
Jupiter 1/3 (0.33333) = 0.01852
Average: 0.01852 x 247 = 4.57
Sign. rel. avg. at or outside ±70%: 1 - 8

2 charts among 247 random dates
11 charts among 247 of the spiritual type

The data set grew by 32% but only one more chart was found. By adding the philosophers our result weakened somewhat although a strong overrepresentation is still seen.

Technical addenda

1. Uncertainty in the data

This study uses the Moon as its basis and recipient and since the majority of the horoscopes are only charts for the day in question, it behooves me to point out a certain uncertainty regarding the positive outcome regarding the spiritual type. In fact, no less than four of the ten horoscopes might have the Moon in the preceding or following sign, depending on the subject’s actual birth hour.

But so strong was the significant overrepresentation that it remains even in the highly unlikely event all four Moons are placed in the wrong sign. One chart belongs to the Christian theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg. With Moon in 27° Aries at midday and Jupiter in Aries, this case is almost ridiculously obvious in having a correct Moon position given that Jupiter denotes the Law and theology busies itself precisely with Divine Law!

In the remaining three cases the Moon is only 2-3 hours from changing sign, but in one of these cases, a case of a homosexual pedophile priest (who accidentally remained in the data set) there is such a heavy emphasis on the Child archetype Aries with planets like Jupiter that one might conclude the similarity to Pannenberg’s chart means this too is a Moon/Jupiter chart, although its subject erred grossly.

This case makes for a concluding remark. Homosexuality, pedophilia and other mental disturbances posed a small problem when preparing the data set. How much is one allowed to “clean” it in order to produce maximum “spirituality”? But as noted, I opted to remove only three persons who had caused other’s death in the name of spirituality. I believe this does not constitute any inordinate “stacking of the deck.”

2. Hindu aspects in Western software

For a convenient search for all three benefics configured with the Moon I used the following script in the excellent software ZET Lite (the program being set to whole sign aspects):

xp = mo;
ju120 := ju.120.xp & xp.<.ju;
ju240 := ju.120.xp & ju.<.xp;

( | &
( | &
(mo.0.ju | ju120 | mo.180.ju | ju240)

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