Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris terror: payback time for self-serving colonialism?

Although a tragedy for all individuals involved, true astrology must, in order to keep its natural connection with philosophy intact, rise above the natural tendency in the West to misrepresent deeds of terror suffered as if this culture is an innocent victim. If philosophizing correctly and taking reincarnation (individual and collective) as a starting point, there are no innocent nations as the case of France readily shows. Past karma regulates the events of the present. Needless to say, the perpetrators of these deeds may think they go to heaven and they possibly will. But they have also sown their own future reaping of bad karma on Earth. Our total reality is a "dual system" and we hardly see even half of it.

Several hours of Paris terror commenced just as
Water - the element of dissolution and sorrows
had started rising. Ascendent ruler Moon here
from the fifth house  of spectacularly good fortune
and individual dharma (duty). But Moon is held
captive by Saturn, the Grim Reaper, very dissimilar
in nature from that of the fifth house...

(For the time used for this chart, see the addendum.)

From his studies of the sidereal zodiac, this writer has long been convinced of a capacity to extraordinary cruelty inherent in the combination of Virgo, sign of self-serving, and Scorpio, sign of death and terror. It is to be noted that the former sign, too, had much to do with fearful states and a general negativity (whose upside is Virgo’s famous discriminatory powers). The extensive terror attacks in Paris on Friday the 13th and its horoscope fully supports this contention.

The influx of war refugees and fortune seekers into Europe during this autumn has much to do with Saturn’s passage through the death sign Scorpio and its restrictive influence on the generous, fortunate and expansive Jupiter in Leo. In fact, Saturn’s long aspect (270° according to Hindu astrology) totally changes the meaning of Jupiter’s transit through the large-hearted Leo. 

In May this year, the writer foresaw a change in the public opinion as Jupiter moved from hospitable and generous (as long as feeling safe) Cancer to Leo regarding the dirt-poor beggars filling the streets and market squares in his native Sweden due to the free movement within the European Union. His prediction was simply based on Saturn’s position and Jupiter in Leo now coming under the ray of the Grim Reaper. (The blog post containing this simple prediction is in Swedish.)

And public opinion did change from a well-meaning but hazy do-good mentality giving out alms which not really helped the beggars other than to survive physically for another day of begging to the realization that help should be given with an eye to a more constructive future. The Swedish government too, finally began addressing the unhappy situation and via newspapers recommended the citizens not to give money to the beggars but to organizations working on spot for improvement in certain East European countries.

(The situation was unhappy both for the fortune seekers and the natives of what used to be a fair country with a good, tax-financed welfare system, but fittingly after the political right's destruction of the welfare state now suddenly having foreign beggars seated all over their towns and cities.)

Little did this author foresee, however, the flood of people suddenly starting to stream into Europe with its inept leaders - wholly in accordance with Saturn now aspecting Leo, hosting expansive Jupiter. (In ancient astrology the whole sign and all therein is aspected.) The Swedish right-wing party, whose former leader addressed the population with a now infamous injunction that they “open their hearts to immigrants,” turned to the opposite position under its new leader and demanded tighter Swedish border control. International news has recently featured the case of a country having lost control over the mixed mess of refugees from war-stricken Syria and sundry fortune seekers euphemistically called “economic refugees” in the Swedish press.

The chart of an ultra hedonistic country with
the "satanic axis" (Taurus/Scorpio or their natural 2nd
8th houses). Ancient Roman astrologer Manilius
termed this axis "Pythonic" thereby indicating
mindless fury or simply indigestion.

Taurus denotes the mouth and food intake
and Scorpio lower bowels, anus and the
elimination of bodily refuse. Manilius applied this
symbolism to volcanic Sicily and we readily see
his thought: furious volcanic activity equals
the rumbling bowels of the Earth!

But the same symbolism naturally applies not only to one country but to the whole world. It seems the horoscope for the fifth republic of France is eminently suited for the reaping of the bad karma the western former colonial states have amassed for themselves. The terror on Paris must be viewed from this metaphysical, historical and moral perspective, otherwise it is absolutely incomprehensible.

Modern France presently suffers the return of Saturn to its natal position in Scorpio and although the ninth house is the "best house" according to Hindu astrology, this assertion needs to be qualified. To begin, the owner of the noble and philosophic house is Mars, here opposing its own sign and disposed of by Venus (adaptability and cooperation). Sadly, Venus suffers its fall in anti-social Virgo (the extremely introverted sign immediately preceding the "social darling" Libra with its exceedingly social and cooperative nature). 

This goes some way to explain the snooty French mentality and their "a tad better than you" attitude. Then again, the problematic Earth/Water axis involving the ninth house of universal dharma indicates France is on a negative path (just look at the sign rising, Pisces the Martyr). Ninth house ruler Mars in Earth and opposition the house of high moral indicates karma manifesting physically, having no longer any higher platform to work itself out upon. 

Venus is the "lesser benefic" (however fallen and self-serving) and placed in an angular (prominent) house, we can readily see France as the leader in fashion, carnal pleasures and so forth. Negative and discriminating Virgo clearly describes the picky French taste in all things material. Although the sign of menial labor, or possibly just because of its inherent knowledge of being of lesser status, Virgo sometimes takes on airs and comes on like a smug and rather unlikable character. It lacks the intellectual perspective afforded by a healthy dose of Air. 

So how come France is known as a country of intellectuals? Moon - the mind - in Gemini goes a long way to explain that, but note how its ruler Mercury is tied down to earth and pragmatism due to its position in Virgo. More exclusive and  refined than other countries that France may feel itself to be, Venus is detrimental only to itself by way of its snooty attitude, but it's not a despoiler like Mars, planet of war and accidents. For a country with France's history of bloody colonialism and severe racist attitudes, it isn't surprising to find the "satanic axis" activated by the two evil planets Mars and Saturn. 

As Saturn as the Grim Reaper occupies the ninth, which in its most prosaic reading only denotes "far away places," we must suspect Saturn's return to this place as a karmic trigger for the serious problems coming from abroad. Included in this Saturn transit is the attack in January on the atheist satiric magazine Charlie Hebdo - in itself a good illustration of this satanic axis often introducing a crudeness and incapacity to truly understand matters in their full ramifications. It would seem any Earth/Water axis is a sign of a certain materialistic self-centeredness and this particular axis also of stupidity. Taurus is pre-psychological in being ruled by sensual Venus and being the step before the zodiac introduces us to Gemini, ruled by Mercury, planet of intellect.

Fully interpreted, it can hardly surprise anyone that such a country invites terrorist attacks, although the short-term interpretation seen in e.g. The Guardinan's recap will not account for the deep karmic stream underlying and giving direction to history. Even France's ascendant ruler, Jupiter, spells out a certain corruption due to the planet's position in the evil eighth house of bad karma due to be reaped during the lifespan of the fifth republic.

Lastly, the ninth house in the chart for the commencment of the the terror attacks is significant. The beheaded demon's tailpart (Ketu or the Dragon's tail) shows how the event associated with this horoscope is connected to the ninth house of universal dharma or, less loftily, the place of foreigners and faraway places. This universalistic house's noblest signification is "religion and philosophy." At best the house teaches the interrelatedness of everything. The beheaded part of the demon thus signifies deep dissension between the event of the local horoscope and "faraway places."  But Ketu's dispositor Jupiter is the real key to a deeper understanding. And for that a deep analysis of the poorly placed ascendant ruler in France's national horoscope is needed. 

Returning to the current planetary transits and Saturn's grim aspect to Jupiter, it would seem this time has arrived as both France's planet of self (Jupiter) and karma related to foreign regions (Saturn) are tied together (July 15, 2015 to August 11, 2016).


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Note. Nick Campion's birth data, for "the fixing of the seal," was used for the current national French horoscope. See for various French charts.

Addendum (Nov 16, 2015)

This post appears to have initially published the correct horoscope showing sidereal Gemini rising. That was due to a mistake, however, the blogger using British information which used GMT (without mentioning that the local time had been adjusted for U.K. news consumers). I seen no reason to doubt the site (now quoted by English Wikipedia) for 20:18 for the initial bomb blast, although it should be pointed out the the rising sign changes to Cancer less than two minutes later!

Luckily the text originally hardly relied on the rising sign at all, but focussed on the Saturn/Jupiter transit. The one observation based on Gemini rising was the notable beheading of the demon (Ketu or the moon's south nod) manifesting in the tenth house of power and/or public display. As astrology is about narrative and sense may be wrung out of every placement, moving Ketu to the ninth house of universal dharma for Cancer rising is a change of accent, not an entirely different story. This is how the chart would look according to the initial post and the current data of the commencement of the terror:

To this writer Cancer rings truer - the metaphysical world holds the keys while e.g. timing belongs to the lower world of imperfection - especially as he premonitory echoed the terror event at lunch time on the same day in a jokingly fashion.

On his Swedish blog he commented on the hysteric buzz preceding yet another uncalled for shopping mall - a temple erected by French capital in honor of the Great Satan (or rather his sidekick Mammon) and aiming to fixate the mindless Swedish population even harder in capitalist consumering.

I order to keep the fake news light-hearted and focussed on the main image, I removed the reference to French capital and inserted some monstrous dinosaurs from the film Jurassic Park into the picture of the mall's interior. The heading speaks of "scenes of terror in the mall" which alluded - that's what I thought - to a silly newspaper article mentioning "chaos" in the mall shortly before its official opening.

In hindsight this silly litte piece appears to describe terror intruding into consumerim's Holy of Holies and the parallell to secular and hedonistic Paris is hard to miss! This was published only hours before the terrible events.

And that's not all. In an earlier coverage of the new mall the blogger noted that its opening's chart was, I quote: "probably the saddest horoscope I've seen. ALL CREATIVITY in the heavens is killed off. The only place showing a sparkle of planning activity is that fundamentally rat-brown [humdrum & egotistic] second house of monetary matters."

As it happened the mall opened on 20:00 the evening before the Paris terror attacks and this chart too shows consumerist Cancer rising with ascendant ruler Moon recently fallen in Scorpio and entered into communion the the Great Reaper. In the text to this chart (published on Nov. 8) I even alluded to the occasional intrusion of terrorists into these temples of doomed consumerism! (That idea must have lingered in the writer's unconcious for a few days, and then popping up at lunch time on the 13th as the image of the monstruous dinosaurs wreaking havoc in the mall.)

I sincerely hope that that miniscule Swedish blog did help the terrorists fix a perfect day for their manifestation! On the other hand, the chart shows that it is the French capitalists who are the real terrorists here in Sweden and despoilers of all effort to heighten people's awareness. Life is paradoxical!

(The blogger is being modest here. His natal Saturn exactly setting in the west and opposing a rising Moon mind in Geminian Air is the owner of the ninth house of universal dharma. The mind, in its clearer moments, is thus capable of discerning the difference between right and wrong according to the eternal sanatana dharma, a virtue glaringly absent from today's western civilization.)


  1. Ursäkta att jag skriver på svenska, men medierna säger hela tiden att attackerna började utanför Stade de France kl 21.20, och då hade Kräftan just börjat stiga.
    Jag förstår inte heller det som står om att Frankrikes natala horoskop har Venus som niondehusägare och att nionde skulle stå i ett jordtecken. Det är ju skorpionen/mars det är fråga om, landet har ju enligt kartan ovan en fiskascendent.

    1. Thank you for pointing out the problem with Venus. (The reader rightly notices an erroneous line of thought now corrected.) I was in fact thinking about the "Pythonic axis" in these paragraphs, but Mars dispositorship of Venus dropped out. The following emendations to the text should clarify what I intended:

      "To begin, the owner of the noble and philosophic house is Mars, here opposing its own sign and disposed of by Venus"

      Since Venus is here fallen one may here read "loss of adaptability and cooperativeness" and compensating by Mars - war - on the ninth house of foreigners!

      Further: "Ninth house ruler Mars in Earth and opposition the house of high moral indicates karma...."

      The image caption contains the reference to Python or the satanic axis, referred to in this discussion of Venus being fundamentally flawed during its fall in Virgo. The complexity of the chart is aggravated by the fact that Venus OWNS the ruler of the ninth.

      I was very tired after a Friday night on town when I awoke and heard the terrible news and your other question goes to show that. I mindlessly used the time 20:30 which was from a UK newspaper! That time was converted into GMT. You are absolutely right, and Cancer is rising and is a much better ascendant for this sort of event, Water being the sign of sorrow and Moon close to the Grim Reaper Saturn. I will change the chart and rewrite a few sentences ASAP.

      There is a spin-off just posted; a look at the First Republic of France and how that chart ties in with the current one.