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ISIL attacked a Satan worshiper's concert in Paris

The Singer in the band Eagles of Death Metal
(spotted on Pinterest)

This is not a frivolous post. Lighthearted, though, was the people attending the Paris rock concert with an American death metal band with all that sub-genre’s satanistic connotations. Early media reports following the November 13 terror acts – at least in the remote Swedish press – believed it could discern a cleverly and pin-pointed attack on “our free lifestyle.” The terrorists were bores and grudgingly tried to deny us our “eating and drinking and other Friday evening pleasures.” (Secularism or hedonism.) Some of the comments in major Swedish newspapers bordered on the childish (see two examples in the post Why western individualism may be a breach of divide moral law).

In fact, the symbolic value of the targets may have been even more ingeniously chiseled out by the terrorist planners. As this blogger pointed out, a death metal concert by itself conjures up the image of the Great Satan, and in this case the performing band was, in fact, American. Still, it took a week before the western media rolled out an interview with the band’s singer focusing solely on the human interest aspect. I had not bothered to investigate the small time band playing the venue at that fatal night, but by being served the name of the front man (the singer) it was easy to see how correctly the final thoughts of the blog post “France and the wages of Sin” had been. Translated from Swedish it remarked:
“Whoever cannot comprehend what Life attempts to say (in its own symbolic language) is counted out even before it has started. Like those who attended the rock concert in Paris featuring a satanistic band from the USA. In spite of foreign media’s far greater discernment (than that of their Swedish counterparts) no one noted the symbolic value carried by the band playing that night!”
Frankrike och Syndens lön (Nov. 16)
As it turns out, the front man Jesse Hughes got his nick name ”The Devil” already in his early teens and it stuck. Wikipedia explains that the young kid Hughes was extremely vindictive, when held back until he could launch an “all-consuming” vengeance or payback – like enveloping the victim like the flames of Hell.

By accepting the karmic law of the universe it would follow that all involved in the massacre had the mark of the Beast on their foreheads, even though the secular person no longer comprehends what energies he or she toys with. One thing is certain, the Devil worshipers of western civilization (and that includes their economists and politician) will in the end be fooled by the Devil since we are now talking about the Lord of Nothing (NIHIL). Lamely, secular society now stands undressed and in shame for all the world to see, suddenly aware that not even its catch phrase “freedom, equality and brotherhood” is more than a hypocritical and empty logo whose makers Naomi Klein felt the world would do better without ten years ago in her book No Logo.

Hughes evil and vindictive desire for “total revenge” at any slights will serve us well in an attempt to assess what type of psyche (Moon) he was born under. This is one of those annoying cases where not only the birth time is unknown but the Moon changes signs at midday, making its position a 50/50 guess.

I prefer the Moon-mind placed in Pisces rather than in Aries due to the simple but important way the Moon’s dispositor changes orientation and scope after Luna’s entry in Aries. The argument goes like this.

Should the singer happen to be born during the latter half of this day, his mind would be base on the small-minded Mars in Virgo, known to be fixated on tiny detail – a great position for a clock maker in the old days when the timepieces had many moving small parts. Admittedly, Mars in highly technical Virgo does eminently suit stressed-out and precise high speed rock music. I have never checked out the members of the unbearable rock group Mars Volta but a friend who used to like them and is no mean guitar player himself was born with Sun/Mercury in Virgo and Mars in the Mercurial third house of manual dexterity!

It is my finding that Virgo, as tradition asserts, has a very clinical and even instrumentalist approach to life and its perhaps oldest signification - the worker of the field view a view to the rich harvest - well explains why we find a pronounced Virgo element in many IT technicians serving, as the usually do, the demon of capitalism. If you are looking for self-less sacrifice on behalf of others, look to the opposite sign Pisces where Venus is “exalted.” Don’t look to the fallen Venus in Virgo (where the planet activates its monetary signification due to the element Earth and the ruler Mercury here easily takes the shape of a tradesman).

It is no surprise, given the importance of the most self-serving and critical of the signs in the national chart of France, to find the death metal singer joining that hyper individualistic choir of workers of the fields, none having anything the but prospect of the rich harvest of the Friday night pleasures in mind. This is what Virgo does as a basic zodiacal principle: focus on its own work and its lucrative outcome. It's very pragmatic! For real equality between people you have to take a further step in the zodiac and discover Libra. Neither France as a nation nor this death metal singer has that task on the program for this life cycle.

So why not the seemingly suitable Moon in Aries? Because of what a friend of Jesse Hughes disclosed about his envisioning “mega revenges” when pissed-off. Mars in Virgo would prick your skin or mind with a needle-sharp (retort). Virgo’s negativity and Mercurial tendency to break everything down into ever smaller components seems to lack the necessary scope to even think about anything “all-compassing,” that's not where its forte lies. Its mind is too averse to anything not atomized (or presented as an integral whole), and its ideal is precisely what drives France’s national psychology: that self-serving individualism that cultivates the one person endlessly and in ever more finely grained (and therefore trivial) ways.

On the other hand, Moon-in-Pisces’s dispositor Jupiter fits the very word “all-encompassing” like hand in glove. The Roman philosopher Plotinus perhaps most famous utterance (courtesy the late and great Neo-Jungian James Hillman) was: “you don’t have a soul, you dwell within a soul.” The soul really is “all-encompassing” relative to one’s pathetic peeping-hole of an ego. Now ponder the Moon, planet of imagination and pure fantasy, located in Pisces and therefore encompassed by none other than Jupiter, which in this horoscope is at home in its own positively polarized sign Sagittarius.

Just as Plotinus indicated that Saturn, the seventh heaven is the form or outer shape of the (world) soul, so the always expanding Jupiter in the sixth sphere would seem to signify the world soul expanded to its fullest extent. This is in agreement with the Hindu view on Sagittarius “natural” ninth house, covering man’s highest striving (religion, philosophy). Hellenistic astrology didn’t beat around the bush and called the ninth, the place of God. This would mean Jupiter signifies God as immanent within the world system as its soul. Hinduism also calls this truly existing being Purusha, only that Purusha is sort of a super Jupiter, pervading every solar (star) system in the universe. One may recall the majestic names given the astrological Jupiter in Hindu and Greek tradition, Guru and Zeus respectively.

Jesse Hughes Jupiter in its own positive sign means a fully actualized or self-realized Jupiter, a “pure” and very simple astrological sign. Those vintages born under this “realized” Jupiter are destined to feel a longing after “maximal existence” since the position – if not degraded to the level of material riches or perhaps the theory stressing the need for “economic growth” – is none other than the representation of the all-encompassing world soul itself. But to this, add the greedy demon of the sublunary sphere, Rahu, and we may sense an exaggerated bubble just waiting to burst! This then would indicate the singer’s desire for an “all-compassing” revenge when read in conjunction with the tiny needle (Mars in Virgo) opposing and annoying his inwardly overblown fantasy of the Moon-mind.

A female acquaintance from long ago used to hang in seedy rock bars and offered herself sexually to musicians or anyone that could assist her in a clear-cut case of sex abuse. Born a little earlier the same year as Jesse “The Devil” Hughes and with a serious overemphasis on only Earth and Water, she was a blatant materialist, haughty and dismissive to subjects like philosophy and religion. Her Sun and Moon were Hughes’ but with sign positions reversed. Thus this anecdote is a piece of the puzzle too and somewhat strengthens the assumption regarding Hughes lunar position and abnormal need for revenge. How? Her vindictiveness towards males due to incestuous experiences involving the father caused her sometimes to veer toward lesbianism, only to lapse back into a hateful ”love ’em and leave ’em” attitude towards her endless stream of one night stands. Jupiter in “all-encompassing” Sagittarius and the niggardliness seen in lower types of Virgo can result in seriously problematic people.

I suspect Sagittarius and Virgo may be a common denominator with workers who dream about the Jupiter’s “every good thing to all men,” men find themselves in slave labor with a job description giving very little room for personal judgment, like sorting post according to zip codes or other simple jobs already or soon to be taken over by robots and computers. Constricted job situations breed stress and anger. Jupiter’s positive rulership in Sagittarius only sometimes signifies the divine soul we dwell within. More often is Jupiter’s degraded expression now seen in the world’s “1 percent” that has annexed western civilization after a few decades during the 20th century when people in many western countries actually though the world was slowly moving toward greater equality between peoples and among individuals.

Lastly, one can only wonder what bad karma this Satan worshiper had worked up (in this life or in previous existences) that earned him a front row position as a witness when all hell broke loss in Le Bataclan that night. This was certainly the very same "all-encompassing" destructiveness to be read out of his Moon-mind, afflicted by both Mars and Rahu - on that universal scale "promised" by expansive Jupiter. Even if ISIL were not aware of the symbolic significance of that particular rock band (which I think they were), the horoscope according to our hypothesis surely spells out the lead singer's intimate connection with the evilest side of civilization: the merger between the Devil and hapless consumerism. This story of selling one's soul has often been told and here's just another instantiation.

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