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France and the cycles of destiny

After decades with the western zodiac this blogger discovered and immediately converted to the sidereal zodiac some eight years ago. Since then he has mainly been fascinated with the immense improvement in psychological insight this brought. The zodiac signs now are razor sharp and pertinent to the case in question. The post on the First Republic of France and its true rising sign should have made that abundantly clear!

Meanwhile, Hindu astrology (today's carrier of the ancient Babylonian sidereal zodiac) is so vast a subject he has only dabbled in its various prognostic methods. The excellent and free software Jagannatha Hora (available from its author's site) provided him with an easy access to the Hindu doctrine of destiny's planetary cycles, or the dasha system, which in really is a huge set of variants, some with very specific applications.

Even the software preset, however, the Vimshottari dasha, has provided this author with some remarkably pertinent divisions of time, both in his own life and in a number of cases used for practice. This dasha works for national horoscopes as narrated in a blog post in Swedish concerning his native country's chart recently published to a largely absent audience. (The Swedes are too deeply sunk in consumerism to pay attention to abstract questions as to what forces rule and shape their perception of life.)

By using a three story dasha approach I came to the frightful conclusion that Sweden's  Libran ascendant ruler Venus (current antardasha) is beset from both without (maha dasha) and within (pratyantardasha) by the demon of evil desire and distorting exaggeration, that is, Rahu or the moon's north node. This fits the current facts eminently as Sweden is about to cave in from this year's flood of war refugees and migrants for economic reasons. Rahu is in the third house of movement in the national chart and Venus in the fourth house of internal affairs.

Now turning to the chart for the Fifth Republic of France only days after the Paris massacre, I recognize another country meeting its destiny. While the initial post pointed to France's vulnerability to the current aspect from Saturn in Scorpio to Jupiter in Leo, the dasha system, with which one normally begins to apprehend the lay of the land, seems to me highly significant, too.

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Ven MD:  2008-06-30  -  2028-06-30

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Ven:  2008-06-30  -  2011-11-02
  Sun:  2011-11-02  -  2012-11-01
  Moo:  2012-11-01  -  2014-07-01
  Mar:  2014-07-01  -  2015-09-02
  Rah:  2015-09-02  -  2018-09-01
  Jup:  2018-09-01  -  2021-04-29
  Sat:  2021-04-29  -  2024-06-30
  Mer:  2024-06-30  -  2027-04-30
  Ket:  2027-04-30  -  2028-06-30

France is currently living through a longer period signified by Venus, which was addressed as a very weak feature of modern France in the aforementioned post. Against this backdrop, which, given Venus self-serving tendencies, must be regarded as a long period of unstable foreign relations - to say the least! France currently fights all and sundry without any intelligent forethought... - the sub cycle (antardasha) then pushed the national chart's Rahu, demon of greed and hubris - to the forefront as seen in the table copied from Jagannatha Hora.

Given this "ambience," we are immediately drawn right into what may be termed the French sin or national weakness - their ugly tendency inherited from the colonial days to try and profit on every interaction with others. This country was born (in 1958) with the fallen and self-serving Venus in Virgo together with the hubristic hunger demon Rahu. No wonder retaliation for the perceived injustice of France was a disaster just waiting to happen. Presently hardly any political commentators are prepared to talk about this positively demonic side of a country associated with the hollow slogan of freedom and equality...

In connection with this discovery, what part (or house) of the French horoscope is currently all alight according to the dasha method, the transits accompanying the terror attacks on Paris surprises even less. Noted British astrologer Charles Carter did, however, point out that transits only triggered important events if connecting to a given horoscope in important ways. But, as noted, the big shapers of destiny, Saturn and Jupiter, currently form a (Hindu) 270 degree aspect, and France was born with Saturn just in its current sign, Scorpio, sign of death. 

Given France's Jupiterian ascendant this IS a bad time for the country, and the dasha method additionally leads us to take notice of France's inborn and quite  horrible house of alliances. It is this part of the chart that would explain the French so-called cultivated way of cheating on one's spouse that seems to be part and parcel of the self-seeking French national mentality: this their discretion is clearly an expression of Virgo's psychology debased into a notoriously two-timing mentality due to hungry Rahu with a fallen Venus. 

This kind of Venus is what made the Roman philosopher Plotinus talk about the fallen soul (Aphrodite/Venus) as a cheap whore. Look to France and you'll see how this works out in terms of a national psychology. The attack on Paris can be seen as France - via their 7th house - has gotten itself into a really, really bad secret affair. And a slighted and disaffected female is no trifling matter! Another view is that their nominal marriage alliance with the U.S.A. is what upsets the female (ISIL). It is Venus in such a bad way that explains the many commentators in the aftermath of the bloodshed who note that the attacks were directed at the commoners' lifestyle, as if to make a point.

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